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Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I love when I get the opportunity to post something Doctor Who related, especially cakes.  In the past, I have posted a couple of very impressive Delek cakes including a Dalek cake that is an overload of chocolate and a Dalek wedding cake that opened up to display the Dalek within.  However, as amazing as those cakes are, I don’t think they are quite as realistic looking as the one below.

This incredibly realistic Dalek cake was created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes for the 16th birthday of a very lucky Doctor Who fan named Irene.  To say that this cake turned out really well is an understatement as it even had me doing a double take to make sure it was a cake!  If I ever need to hire a cake maker to make a Dalek cake, now I know who to contact for the best cake possible!

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Dalek Birthday Cake

Doctor Who Dalek Cake

[via Between the Pages]

The flood of gingerbread creations seem to show no signs of slowing down and this time Super Mario Bros is getting into the action with a gingerbread castle!  Last March, I posted a very impressive gingerbread version of Princess Peach’s castle (which I suggest checking out as it will blow you away), but this one seems to be themed on the castles from Super Mario World.

This Super Mario World themed gingerbread castle was created by Andree P. (@cakeit_studio on Twitter).  I’d say Andree did a phenomenal job with this Super Mario World gingerbread castle!  I especially like the snow covered question blocks on top!

Apparently it was created by covering the gingerbread with fondant which I would normally gripe about but considering I’m not one to eat gingerbread anyway, I can let it go this time.  As much as I don’t like the taste of fondant, you can’t argue with how beautiful it makes things like gingerbread castles.

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Gingerbread Super Mario Bros Castle

Gingerbread Super Mario World Castle

[Source:  @cakeit_studio on Twitter via That's Nerdalicious]

Is is just me or does there seem to be a flood of cool superhero cakes lately?  I’m not complaining by any means, it just seems like there are a lot of them being made these days.  Just this week, I have posted two superhero mashup cakes, one featuring Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, the other featuring the Hulk in addition to Superman, Spider-Man and Batman.  Well, this cake is just a simple Spider-Man cake but is really cool!

This spectacular Spider-Man cake was created by Sweet Picasso Cake Creations for the 5th birthday of some lucky kid named William.  I would say the cake maker outdid themselves with the incredible level of detail on this cake!

I hope this kid realizes just how lucky he is to get a cake this cool for his 5th birthday.  I am very jealous!

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Spider-Man Cake

Spider-Man Birthday Cake

[Via Between the Pages]

Even though I may not be a huge fan of eating gingerbread, I do appreciate seeing all of the cook gingerbread creations that people make this time of year.  I have posted a lot of cool gingerbread creations recently ranging from a gingerbread TARDIS and K9 to a gingerbread Millennium Falcon.  Well, now we have a gingerbread creation from the Star Trek universe!

The Food Replicator blog has posted about this awesome gingerbread Star Trek communicator that they made recently.  You can find links to the recipe and stuff they used over on their post, but here are some of the details for how it was made and a picture of the completed TOS communicator!

I cut out the pattern pieces on thick card paper and then used that to cut out the cookie pieces. I froze the dough before cooking as this helps it keep its shape.

I used royal icing (1 egg white, add icing sugar until the desired consistency is reached) for all decorations, as well as for gluing the pieces together.

Toothpicks and scrunched up pieces of plastic wrap are both very useful to use as prop-ups while waiting for the royal icing to dry when gluing the pieces together.

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Star Trek Gingerbread Communicator

Gingerbread Star Trek Communicator

[Source:  Food Replicator via Neatorama]

When it comes to how my bed looks, I don’t do anything too special.  My comforter is denim and is designed to look like a pair of jeans.  Since my bed is never made anyway, it seems kind of silly to go with anything too special.  However, I would love to have this amazing Star Wars comforter on my bed!

For the Star Wars fans out there interested in giving their bed a Star Wars makeover, perhaps because they already have a Star Wars themed bedroom, you can get this Star Wars comforter from Amazon for $97.94.  It fits a twin or full size bed and as of the time of this writing, there is only one left in stock so if you want it, you should act quickly!  Warning:  Pillow cases are not included!

Use the Force as your sleep aid!

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Star Wars Bed

Star Wars Comforter

[Source:  Amazon via Geek Alerts]

I’ve posted works of video game art that ranged from the size of earrings to the size of walls (such as the LEGO wall mural video game tribute I posted earlier today) but never something as large as the side of a mountain.  Well, now I can say that I have with this amazing 8-bit Space Invaders are that was created on a snow covered mountain.

This gigantic piece of video game snow art was created by Simon Beck who apparently likes to make amazing things in snow.  Browsing his Facebook photos page, it looks like most of his work tends to look like crop circles in the snow but it is clear that he is very good at making snow art on a massive scale.  I don’t know how he makes things like this Space Invaders snow art on the entire side of a mountain but he is damn good at it!

This makes whatever you wrote in the snow with your pee seem rather insignificant doesn’t it?

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Space Invaders Snow Art on a Mountain

Space Invaders Snow Art

Space Invaders Snow Art

Space Invaders Snow Art Close Up

[Source:  Simon Beck's Snow Art on Facebook via Obvious Winner]