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Of all of the awesome geeky clothing I have posted on here and even my other site, Fanboy Fashion which is dedicated to geeky clothing and cosplay, I think this Tetris dress might just be my all time favorite piece of geek clothing.  There is just something super cute about this awesome Tetris dress!

Etsy seller nerdalertdesigns is selling this fantastic Tetris dress for just $90.  This could be the perfect dress for any of the Tetris loving women out there.

As a guy who once had a serious Tetris addiction (I still love the game but don’t play it much anymore), if I saw a girl walking by wearing this Tetris dress, I would be drooling all over myself!  So, if that is the reaction you ladies are looking for, buy this dress now!

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Cute Tetris Dress

Tetris Dress

[Source:  Etsy]

There are a lot of things you can do with $18,000 like buy a car or remodel your house but if if you are a huge Pac-Man fan, you can spend it on one of these amazing watches!

The creator of this beautiful Pac-Man watch is watchmaker RJ-Romaine Jerome.  Part of the reason this watch costs $17,900 is the fact that there will only be 80 of them made.  If you have $17,900 to drop on a Pac-Man watch, these will be launched on September 3rd at the Colette store in Paris.

Personally, while I think this is one of the coolest watches I have ever seen and would love to have one, no watch is worth that kind of money to me.  However, I should note that I stopped wearing watches nearly two years ago when my last one broke and I realized I really didn’t need one since every gadget I carry with me already tells me the time.

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Limited Edition Pac-Man Watch by RJ-Romaine Jerome

Pac-Man Watch by RJ-Romaine Jerome

[Source:  RJ-Romaine Jerome via it8bit]

One of the more iconic iconic paintings from the world of art is Edward Munch’s “The Scream” which seems like a nice combination to go with the Silence from the Doctor Who universe considering just how scary this Silence is!  Well, for those who enjoy both Doctor Who and The Scream, then I have the t-shirt deal for you, but it is only available today!

The awesome folks over at TeeFury are having a 1 day sale of the shirt picture below called “A Scream of Silence” for just $10!  I would say that a majority of the shirt I wear are from TeeFury so if you are worried about the quality of a $10 shirt, there is nothing to be afraid of as they are quite good!  They get my seal of approval!

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Doctor Who A Scream of Silence T-Shirt

A Scream of Silence T-Shirt

[Source:  Teefury]

We have seen Bender sport a bikini and we have even seen Bender propose in binary, and now we have seen him dress up as R2-D2!

This cosplayer (I don’t know who they are so if you know, please let us know in the comments so we can give them credit) was dressed as Futurama’s Bender who was dressed as R2-D2 from Star Wars at the Star Wars Celebration VI that has been going on this week in Florida.  I’m actually kind of surprised at just how well Bender pulls off R2-D2.  I guess now we know which Star Wars droid is Bender’s favorite!

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Bender Cosplaying as R2-D2

Futurama’s Bender Cosplaying as R2-D2

[Source:  Fashionably Geek]

Maybe its because I have always been so good at the game that nobody can even come close to beating me (I welcome all challengers!), but the classic GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 is still one of my all time favorite games.  There is just something enjoyable about shooting a guy in the butt and having him jump while grabbing the wound.

Anyway, for those that are also huge fans of the FPS classic GoldenEye, I thought you might want to join me in buying this awesome GoldenEye inspired Most Deadly shirt from BustedTees for just $20.  This shirt features the health meter from the GoldenEye watch with the recognition of “most deadly” in the center (the perfect description for my 007 skills).

If are looking to brag about your skills on a game from 1997 (like I do), this is the perfect way to do it!

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007 GoldenEye Most Deadly T-Shirt

GoldenEye Most Deadly T-Shirt

[Source:  BustedTees]

I’m not exactly sure why, but Harley Quinn has always been one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe.  She has gone through many costume changes over the years, but I think this steampunk version might be my favorite!

DeviantART user thecrystalshoe is the sexy cosplayer in these pictures.  She seems to be a bit of a one woman band as she created the costume, the accessories and did the makeup!  However, I think this was still a team effort because Seviyummy Photography took some amazing shots of this fantastic steampunk Harley Quinn cosplay.

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Sexy Harley Quinn Cosplay

Steampunk Harley Quinn Cosplay

Steampunk Harley Quinn

Steampunk Harley Quinn Cosplay

[Source:  DeviantART via Fashionably Geek]