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Even though I am personally not a fan of wearing any sort of ring on my fingers, one of my favorite things to post about is geeky rings.  I’m not sure why I like geeky jewelry so much, but I do.  I guess I see it as the ultimate sign of geek love.  It really catches my eye when the rings are inspired by science fiction.  For example, in the past, I have posted a really cool R2-D2 engagement ring, an amazing Stargate wedding ring, a Doctor Who inspired TARDIS engagement ring and even a Star Trek engagement ring.  Well, now we can finally add Battlestar Galactica to the lineup!

This amazing Battlestar Galactica inspired Cylon engagement ring was designed by Reddit user DisturbedRobot.  Apparently he met his bride-to-be at a Battlestar Galactica party (they have those?!) and decided a Cylon ring would be the perfect piece of jewelry to ask her to marry him with.  Of course nobody has such a ring for sale so he decided to design the ring himself, create the ring design in Maya and then turn the design over to jewelry crafter Craig Elliott to make the ring itself.

I’d say it turned out to be one of the coolest looking rings I have ever seen!  I have to admit that I am kind of jealous because I want this ring!  I love how it even has the red dot for the Cylon eye.  Check out the cool pictures of the Cylon ring below!

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Cylon Engagement Ring

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Engagement Ring

BSG Cylon Engagement Ring

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Engagement Ring

Cylon Ring Design

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Ring Sketch Design

[Source:  Reddit via Geekologie]

I can’t say I have ever understood why some people like to wear a fez.  Of course there are some like the TARDIS fez below that look really cool, I just don’t see any practical purpose to one.  I wear baseball caps not because they look cool (although I always make sure to have a cool and very geeky design on every hat I wear such as the God of War hat I am wearing now), but at least with a ball cap it serves a purpose because the bill of the hat helps keep the sun out of my eyes which are very sensitive to light.  A fez can’t make that same claim.

Anyway, whether or not you find the fez useful, you can’t deny that this light-up TARDIS fez is really cool!

The blogger known as Coregeek made this fantastic TARDIS fez for his daughter’s birthday after she had come up with the idea some time before.  Apparently, he followed the fez pattern from Tally’s Treasury to create the basic fez and then he gave it a cool TARDIS look and stuffed an LED in the TARDIS beacon.  The only thing that would make this TARDIS fez any more awesome was if it actually made the TARDIS sounds.

Below are a couple pictures of the fez as well as a video showing some cool light-up action.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Fez


Doctor Who TARDIS Fez

[Source:  Coregeek via Fashionably Geek]

It wasn’t until I watched the movies recently that I really understood why people were so obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies/books.  While I still haven’t read the books, I was blown away by the movies (despite their length bordering on the annoying).  Having at least seen the movies, I now have an even better appreciation for the Lord of the Rings cakes that I come across.  In the past, I posted an amazing Dark Tower cake with the Eye of Sauron and just recently I posted a One Ring cake but I think this Gandolf on a Hobbit Hole cake blows them both away.

This beautiful and incredibly detailed cake featuring Gandalf standing on a Hobbit Hole was created by Silvia Nirolova for her son’s birthday.  To say that she is a talented cake maker would be a huge understatement because not only is the detail on Gandalf very impressive, but just the attention given to the leaves has my jaw on the floor.  She has a very lucky son!

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Lord of the Rings Gandolf Birthday Cake

Lord of the Rings Gandolf on a Hobbit Hole Cake

[Source:  Silvia Nirolova via Between the Pages]

Like many people, I have probably spent much more time than I would care to admit playing the Angry Birds games.  Whether it is the original, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons or even Angry Birds Star Wars, I have played them all and one could make the case that I might be slightly addicted to them.  However, in my defense, they are really fun games and I enjoy a good challenge which many levels are, especially if you want to get 3 stars.

Speaking of Angry Birds Star Wars, this spectacular Angry Birds Star Wars birthday cake was made by the clearly talented cake makers at In My Mother’s Kitchen.  I don’t know who Riley is, but I would suspect they had a pretty awesome birthday thanks to this cake!

I would say this is my second favorite all time Angry Birds Star Wars cake, right behind the Angry Birds Star Wars cake I posted with multiple tiers and right above the cake I posted with the giant Chewbacca bird.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

[Source:  In My Mother’s Kitchen via Between the Pages]

Recently, I was given a NES that while I haven’t tested it out myself, I am pretty sure it doesn’t work and I have been trying to decide what I want to do with it.  The first thought that occurred to me was to turn it into a lunchbox like the NES lunchbox I posted about in the past.  However, I am leaning toward the idea of giving it new life by putting a Raspberry Pi in it and running old NES games on an emulator.

However, no matter what I decide to do, I would give anything to have the NES painted up like Super Mario Bros 3 like the one below!

This NES that has been painted up to have a Super Mario Bros 3 look to it was apparently created by Ebay user hellokitty11111111111.  While it is not longer available, I’m told it had a $125 buy it now price on it which seems reasonable considering how good it looks.  I hope they make another one just like it because I want one!

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Mario NES Console Mod

Super Mario Bros 3 NES Console Mod

[Source:  hellokitty11111111111 via Born Rich]

White each person has their own favorite superhero, one of the most popular if not the most popular superhero is Batman.  I never really gave it much thought but I suppose he would be my favorite as well.  However, I can’t say I have the dedication that some fans do as I don’t have any part of my body turned into a Batman comic.  In the past, I have featured some very impressive Batman tattoos including one inspired by The Dark Knight movie, one that is a mash-up of Batman and Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting and one with a Joker that just creeps me out.  However, I think I may have found my all time favorite Batman tattoo in the one below.

This spectacular Batman tattoo which predominantly features the Joker was inked by Southern California tattoo artist Cecil Porter.  It seems quiet obvious he is one of the most talented tattoo artists whose work I have featured and when it comes to Batman tattoos, I would say he might just be the king.  If you are in SoCal and are looking for a tattoo, I’d say this guy is the obvious person to go to!

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Joker Tattoo

Batman and Joker Tattoo

[Source:  Cecil Porter]